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Roseberry General Store and Museum!

The original McDougal store building now belongs to the Long Valley Preservation Society. Please refer to their website for details of their plans for the building.

The photo above was taken when Frank Eld & family owned and ran The Roseberry General Store and Museum. His 40 year era and General Store collection including the gas pump, nostalgic and Finnish merchandise ended at auction on August 15, 2016.

This photo was taken in 1969, the year Roseberry came back to life. Frank bought the old McDougal store and founded what became Historic Roseberry.

The Roseberry General Store

Roseberry, Idaho is nestled in a beautiful valley within the Rocky Mountains, just 2 hours North of Boise. Surrounded by beautiful green pastures, mountain lakes and 360 degree views, you wouldn't know it today, but in 1911 Roseberry was the largest town in Valley County.

The town was thriving, and had everything from flour and saw mills, a beautiful 5-sided Hotel, brass band, baseball team and many schools.

Then in 1914 the railroad decided to lay tracks 1 1/2 miles west, and Donnelly was created. After that Roseberry just started fading away as a town, but the Roseberry General Store had a good business and stayed open until 1939 when it closed its doors for good. It sat vacant until the 1950's when it was used as a honey house, where they canned and sold honey. Then in 1969 Frank Eld bought it, and started restoring the Store and town site - one building at a time. In 1971 Frank Eld and his mother Ella Eld started the Valley County Museum, and in 1973, he moved his first building to Roseberry. It was the Methodist-Episcopal Church original to Roseberry, but had been moved to Donnelly after the railroad came through. He was able to sit it within 7 feet of its original site.

The Roseberry General Store still stands where it was built in 1905.

The Roseberry Store and Museum today

The Store and town site today are a collection of over 20 old and historic buildings from all over the valley, including Finnish cabins from early settlers, a Finnish Blacksmith Shop, the old McCall City Hall, a Carriage House, Bandshell, one room School House and much more. For most of these buildings, Roseberry has saved them. Where most people see firewood, Frank sees the potential.

Frank's latest addition was also his largest - the 1912 Finnish barn, dismantled in 2008 and completed summer of 2009, was one of largest projects Frank Eld moved to Roseberry against opposition. His 40 year perseverance, love for Roseberry and history put The Barn at Roseberry and all of the Roseberry townsite back on the map!





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